Death of the Watchers

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  • Archetype Control
  • Deck Type Theorycraft
  • Crafting Cost 29100
  • Your Cost 29100
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The idea of the deck is to use removal until the enemy has no board while you have a board of large units to come in for the kill.

The Lissandra package of Frozen Thrall, Lissandra, and Draklorn is to be able to level Lissandra hopefully before turn 8. It That Stares and Rhasa are there to help get out The Watcher. There are two other ways to cheese out The Watcher. The first is Revitalizing Roar and the second is Spirit's Journey. Spirit's Journey's revive counts as summoning so using it on a Frost Guard Thrall or the other 8+ units can help to get out The Watcher. 

Kindred is there to be more removal for the deck. To help trigger them Absorb Soul and Glimpse Beyond are able to slay your own units to mark enemy units. Vengeance and Spirit's Journey can also be used to trigger marks and just as removal/stall. Rhasa has a little bit of antisynergy with Kindred except that you can let your own unit die is a block without killing the enemy then play Rhasa and combined with Kindred you kill the 3 weakest enemies.

The low end of the deck includes several units, or unit creation, to bridge into the mid-late game. Hapless Aristocrat exists as a pair of bodies for blocking or as targets for Glimpse Beyond and Absorb Soul. Avarosen Sentry exists in a similar spot just with a draw attached instead of a second body. Vile Feast has a drain and a body so it slots right in.

The rest of the deck is removal and Harsh Winds which need no explanation. 

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