Lissandra Karma

Last updated 1 month, 3 weeks ago
  • Archetype Combo
  • Deck Type Just for Fun
  • Crafting Cost 31200
  • Your Cost 31200
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Frozen Thrall 2x - something to play early, there's no need for the 3rd copy because of Lissandra and Draklorn inquisitor along with all the recall, no idea about the exact rationing of this card

Recall 1x - works well with Lissandra and Draklorn Inquisitor as protection and another summon trigger, maybe cut

Three Sisters 2x - mainly a defense tool to help stall, flexible, 

Avarosan Sentry 3x - early game and card draw

Entreat 1x - to draw at least one of your champions, can be insane with leveled Karma on board, maybe more than 1x

Nopeify! 3x - great card

Retreat 3x - perfect synergy with Lissandra - either for more Frozen Thralls or to burst-summon Watcher into attack obliterating the enemy deck

Troll Chant 3x - protection against removal or challangers

Ice Shard 3x - one of the reasons why you don't lose to aggro

Lissandra 3x - main win condition, either obliterating the enemy deck or giving the nexus tough to shut down any burn

Blighted Ravine 3x - one of the reasons why you don't lose to aggro

Deny 2x - to shut down any Ledros into Dreadway nonsense and other win conditions

Deep Meditation 2x - card draw

Draklorn Inquisitor 3x - to summon all those 8/8 overwhelm

Go Get It 2x - works fantastically well with Lissandra, Draklorn Inquisitor and Karma (pretty much the whole deck), might be 3x

Karma 3x - another win condition

Winter's Breath 1x - if the opponent has a scary attack or to kill the opponent's board with Karma, maybe cut


Not sure if this deck will be competitive, so I set the type to 'just for fun'. Some cards will probably get replaced if this deck doesn't do well.

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