Leblanc/Sivir Midrange

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Deck Overview

LeBlanc Card Image

This is a first crack at building a reliable deck for LeBlanc, who at first glance seems difficult to fully utilize. To do this, we need to solve some of the key issues that she and her best support pieces have:

  1. Poor Survivability
  2. Lack of Good Defenders
  3. Difficulty of level/reputation objectives

Poor Survivability 

To solve this issue, we need ways to protect LeBlanc, both from combat tricks and spot removal. For dealing with spells, Shurima has one hell of a trump card:

Ancient Hourglass Card Image

Ancient Hourglass will save LeBlanc, and her leveling progress from any form of removal. She'll be locked away in a statue safe and sound until the start of the following turn.

Another more situational form of protection against both removal and combat tricks is Sharpened Resolve.

Sharpened Resolve Card Image

This card does a lot in this deck, but one of its roles is to put low health units out of range of pings like Mystic Shot, Vile Feast, and the like. Simultaneously, it allows you to push extra damage for LeBlanc and Sivir's level ups.

Lack of Good Defenders

Comnat tricks pose a problem too, especially on the defensive side of the board, where our hard-hitting, low health units struggle to survive against even the tiniest attackers. This where we get creative to take down attackers while keeping our units safe. 

Whirling Death Card Image

Bloody Business Card Image

Both Whirling Death and Bloody Business will do a lot of work for us on defense. Since both count as strikes, they not only count as damage dealt for LeBlanc and Sivir, they count towards our reputation count.

Inner Sanctum, Black Rose Spy, Mimic, and both of our champs signature spells are empowered by this mechanic so being able to play defense while keeping our units from getting their AND fulfilling our decks objectives is pretty huge.

Difficult Gameplan

30 damage without losing LeBlanc, or 35 damage dealt total both look like big asks, and they are. But remember we have two important players bringing up the rear.

Sivir Card Image

Ruin Runner Card Image

The entire deck doesn't hinge on leveling LeBonk. Sivir is leveling in the background while you deal massive damage with LeBlanc and friends. A leveled Sivir and Ruin Runner make for a terrifying one two punch. Difficult to interact with, and virtually impossible to trade with profitably. 

Plus, by this time, you'll certainly have earned Reputation, which will lead to some very silly turns. Especially thanks to these two:

Black Rose Spy Card Image Inner Sanctum Card Image

Believe it or not, these two are your late game. 

Inner Sanctum creates cheap, permanent buffs for your units. You can get stat buffs and a variety of useful keywords.

So you can do crazy stuff like cast Mimic on one of your two Lucky Finds from Inner Sanctum, dump all three on whatever the strongest ally is that struck this turn, then play Black Rose Spy to copy it. With reputation, all of that, including the Inner Sanctum, would have only cost 6 mana. All in one action too!

Lucky Find Card Image

The point is, the game isn't lost if you don't level one or even neither of your champs. You've got big mid game plays to make regardless. 

Cool Tactics and Interactions

While I haven't played the deck yet to talk about mulligan strategies and ideal curves, there are some sweet bits of deck tech built in that I really love, and want to point out.

  • Ancient Hourglass on Trifarian Hopeful retains its strength buff, and gives it another one when it comes back as long as there is still a Noxian ally on board. 
  • Ancient Hourglass on Thorn of the Rose results in another copy of Guile being added to your hand.
  • You can use Ancient Hourglass to get two turns of use out of buffs like Might or Sharpened Resolve. Example: Cast Sharpened Resolve on LeBlanc so she can block something and live. Then before the end of the turn, Ancient Hourglass her. She'll come back next turn with the buff still active so you can use it on offense!
  • Once LeBlanc generates a Mirror Image, you can stretch it out with Mimic. Just use the fleeting copy, and keep the original for later.
  • If you have an extra champion in hand, you can Ancient Hourglass the one in play, allowing you to drop a second one down. When the next round starts, you'll have 2 champs instead of one!

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    Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

    I think you have to take out Thorn of the Rose and add either Whispered Words, or Trifarian Assessor, 'cuz right now you have no draw, maybe both if you also take out Might and Hopeful since it'll be probably too hard to play on turn 2, you're only running one 1 drop. Ancient Preparations could be a good addition too, since you kinda depend too hard on having LeBlanc on turn 3 when you don't have Thorn and also if you wanna level her fast enough, and just in case you don't find Sivir too. Would probably take away Reckoning too, but I'm not sure about that one since it may be your ticket out of Aggro (and for that reason having a predict and more draw will be useful too, since you're just running one).


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