All-In Azir's Sun Disc ft. the Croc

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  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Theorycraft
  • Crafting Cost 28700
  • Your Cost 28700
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This decks seeks to attain the stupidly powerful Emperor's Deck as quickly as possible by using the Sun Disc. We run Azir and Renekton because those two are the easiest champions to level up in Shurima without warping our deck unnecessarily.



Cut a Ruin Runner and Rite of Negation for two Devoted Council: The lifegain helps with Renekton, as he doesn't have much ways to regain the health he loses in combat. Nexus health gain is nice too.

Cut two Ruin Runners for two copies of Arise: Burst speed units are really good, and the fact that you get multiple is really dumb. You can even open attack with these.


Rite of Calling: Drawing our champions is very important, so we have this card in the deck, along with a later card. It will usually be easy to sacrifice a Snad Soldier or something to draw the champion.

Buried Sun Disc: This landmark is the whole point of the deck, and getting our ascended fully leveled will win games.

Dune Keeper: This card is so dumb. It fulfills Azir for two bodies, and its Sand Soldier can be sacrificed to your various Rites. All for one mana!

Exhaust: Not only is this a staple card, it also helps with Renekton's level up.

Shaped Stone: This will always be active in this deck, so obviously we play it. It's a great combat trick.

Ancient Hourglass: This saves our champs, and even preserves the level-up requirements of Renekton.

Azir: The whole point of the deck is getting his deck, so obviously we play him. His ability is also pretty good, especially when he levels up.

Esteemed Hierophant: A badgerbear that progresses your Disc? Yes please!

Quicksand: It's a neat defensive tool and also good against Elusives. It even helps with Renekton!

Golden Ambassador: Our other champ tutor. It's important to get our champions so the deck can function.

Renekton: I chose this over the other champs because it has the best stats and is the easiest to level up. Sivir was a close second.

Rite of Negation: This card is so good. The fact that your opponent has to play around us with 4 mana open is so valuable. 

Rampaging Baccai: When this card becomes active, it's a single combat on a supremely well-statted stick. This will see a lot of play.

Ruin Runner: I'm not sure about this one. It's a very good card, but I'm not sure if this is a good Azir card.

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