We could be great together, Lux!

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We could be great together, Lux!

Why did I make this?

As a Lux main and one who enjoys playing Ezreal in ARAM, I thought it would be cool to bring them together in one deck.

Is it viable?

I'll figure this out when I get to play Runeterra for myself and build this deck. As of now, I'm pretty sure? I'm no professional deck builder, but I've made Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic, and Faeria decks before.

What's the idea of it?

There's probably many ways to play it. My idea is you eventually draw Lux and keep her in hand and use Mobilize when she's in hand. At least 1-2 out of the three, then copy her with Counterfeit Copies. Then you should end up with a bunch of cheap Luxes and final spark your way to victory.

Another mechanic used in this deck is the mushroom cards, which are included for a little extra damage.

It will also be good to try to get as many Nexus hits as you can with the Chempunk Pickpocket so you can get more spells to power up Lux.

Deck weaknesses?

The problem is I have yet to play Runeterra, so I'm not sure what parts will actually work. Does Counterfeit Copies copy the lowered cost of a card too? Does it allow champion copying?

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