Lucian/ Zed Buff

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 Keep in mind that I'm not great deckbuilder. To be honest I just wanna play that chad lucian no matter what. Also check out more refined concept in the comment section presented by user Almaniarra.

Lucian, Senna, Highwayman, Conspirator and Zed are great Inspiring mentor targets, especially Zed (4/3 plus shadow 4/3 on turn 3). You can get out of the mystic shot and avalanche range, only grasp can reach you tho. Lucian will probably stay unleveled most of the time but that's fine, 3/2 (or 4/3) quick attack is still good. I will make some tweaks for sure after open beta launch.


Changed 'Back to back' to 'Dawn and dusk' 

Ghost on one of your units, then Dawn and dusk as a finisher.



Greendale Duo

Back to back

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