Encroaching Elusives [Inspired by Swimstrim]

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  • Archetype Combo
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 20900
  • Your Cost 20900
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This deck seeks to use the unblockable bodies of elusives buffed by Encroaching Shadows to OTK the opponent, or chip them down over several turns from the normal elusives gameplan of not interacting with our opponent.

You usually want to buff your elusives with Encroaching Shadows, then save your cards until you can one-shot the opponent from hand with a single swing.


Fading Memories: Buying another copy of Shadow Apprentice or Greenglade Duo is very valuable on our combo turn, so we run two copies of this. Copying Cursed Keeper if pretty great too.

Navori Bladescout: On our combo turn, this card is an elusive attacker, and that's about it.

Oblivious Islander: This card is usually free after Encroaching Shadows, since all of our cards are Elusive anyway. A 0 mana Shadow Fiend is pretty good, and it buffs our Greenglade Duo and can get bounced by Navori Conspirator.

Shadow Apprentice: The new amazing tool in this deck, its a 4/4 elusive for one mana by itself with Encroaching Shadows, which the deck really needed.

Cursed Keeper: This isn't actually in here because of its synergy with becoming Ephemeral, but actually because it's a great target for Glimpse and Leech.

Elise: An aggressive attacker early to give us time to assemble our gameplan, and late-game is a fearsome attacker that can sometimes be helpful with Encroaching Shadows. Her spiders can also be sacrificed to draw cards.

Glimpse Beyond: Finding Encroaching Shadows is very important, so we need to run a lot of card draw to find it. Glimpse is situationally the best card draw in the game, so we obviously run it.

Greenglade Duo: This card, on our combo turn, it very strong because of how big it can get. Definitely a must run in any Elusives deck.

Navori Conspirator: This isn't the best card, but an Elusive is a fine card, and it can let you reuse effects like Islander of Shadow Assassin in a pinch.

Silent Shadowseer: This is a 3 attack elusive for two mana on our combo turn. It'll rarely survive outside of the combo turn, since pretty much every deck can deal with a 1 health follower.

Stalking Shadowseer: This card is the glue that holds most SI aggro decks together. Doubling up on powerful Last Breaths or Elusives is obviously busted.

Shadow Assassin: This card digs for Encroaching Shadows, and is an Elusive attacker for our combo turn, even if it is expensive. Probably the worst card in the deck, and will probably be cut if something better comes along.

Encroaching Shadows: This deck is only worth running because of this card, so obviously it's here.

Spirit Leech: Card draw that can't be interacted with is pretty good, and this card can trade up pretty well too.

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