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  • Archetype Midrange
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Aphelios is my favorite champion in this game (if you couldn't tell from the profile pic). As such, I've experimented with every odd pairing under the sun to find a fit. I actually think this deck is one of his strongest pairings, besides Tf or Zoe. The many ways the deck can win combined with tools against most strategies plus a favorable meta means this deck is well positioned to perhaps not be a meme?


Lunari Duskbringer: This card has great synergy with Aphelios to activate his Nightfall and a Moon Weapon turn 3, so we play it for sure. It also happens to trigger The Cloven Way, which is a neat bonus.

Spacey Sketcher: Celestial Cards have tons of utility, and this card can help with certain matchups a lot with Equinox or Moonglow. She can also give Crescent Strike, which is very good in a deck that cares about stuns.

Fae Bladetwirler: A very powerful card in this deck that will grow quickly. It's pairing with Aphelios means we can give it Lifesteal or Overwhelm depending on the matchup, which is very powerful.

Pale Cascade: We are a midrange Targon deck, we run three of these.

Steel Tempest: Yasuo deck, I choose to run three of these.

Aphelios: This champ's sheer flexibility is insane, and this deck is built to take advantage of that. While in most matchups Gravitum is the worst Moon Weapon, it's very strong in this deck, providing two stun triggers for cards that care. Calibrum is a neat removal tool, as always. Severum and Infernum go great with our numerous Quick Attackers. Crescendum will always pull out Fae Bladetwirler, which is very appreciated.

Bastion: Neat protection card. This is a flex slot, you can run something else if it suits you. Astral Protection is pretty neat too, though it makes us a lot weaker to Vengeance, which is pretty popular right now.

Concussive Palm: Since this is a Yasuo deck, we obviously run a stun with an additional blocker.

Deny: Ionia is the Deny region after all. We run three copies of this and no Nopeify! because Nopeify! is pretty bad against some of the most popular spells right now, like Bloody Business, Vengeance, Withering Wail, and Rite of Negation.

The Veiled Temple: This card is so strong, and can also make our leveled Yasuo kill anything you stun with how big it gets.

Yasuo: The deck is built around this card, and I honestly think this is Yasuo's best pairing. The double stun cards level him extremely quickly compared to the slower but cheaper stuns in Noxus. He also has the abaility to grow bigger here, and be better protected.

Starshaping: This card can sustain in aggressive matchups and provide an alternate win condition should we get unlucky and not find Yasuo, Bladetwirler, Aphelios/Temple, or any of the aforementioned cards die.

The Cloven Way: The double stun is good, but a 5/4 overwhelm is threatening as well. This card is pretty much only good in this deck though.

The Infinite Mindsplitter: This card is very good at locking down two enemy units and being a threatening attacker. With a Yasuo on board, it basically kills those locked-down units, but we can't rely on that to always happen. It's also an excellent target for our buffing Moon Weapons.

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