Zilean Go Hard

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  • Archetype Combo
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 28300
  • Your Cost 28300
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This deck seeks to repeatedly cast the card Go Hard/Pack your Bags to win the game, and the entire deck is built around getting the card into your hand as often as possible.


Ancient Preparations: Excellent way to find cards on turn 1, later giving you a body and enabling your Stoneshaping.

Go Hard: Whole point of the deck, duh. Lifesteal is very helpful as well.

Scrying Sands: Excellent tool, probably one of the best new cards. Delete a dangerous blocker (similar to Troll Chant) and dig for Go Hard more.

Shaped Stone: This is a nice combat trick we can use to let our tokens trade up, protect our units from exactly lethal cards, or even kill with an unblocked attacker. Very good card.

Aspiring Chronomancer: A solid body on curve with a powerful effect to help find Go Hard. This is similar to the role Elise played in similar Go Hard decks.

Elise: We're also playing Elise for that reason! She is a dangerous threat against control decks, can block aggro very well, and makes spiders that can be sacrificed to Leech/Glimpse.

Fading Icon: Two bodies make great blockers, and Prey can also be sacrificed to Leech/Glimpse.

Glimpse Beyond: Drawing two cards for two mana is very good, and our deck is built to enable this.

Preservarium: Drawing two cards for two mana is very good, and our deck is built to profit off having a landmark.

Zilean: The whole reason to Go Hard with Shurima. His level 1 predicts, shuffles mini Pack Your Bags into your decks (which cycle themselves btw) and presents a good blocker. The Time Bombs decimate aggro and dig for themselves or Pack your Bags. His leveled form doubles up on our removal, Go Hard, and card draw, and is generally very strong. Zilean is extremely strong and probably akin to TF in how many decks he can fit in.

Doombeast: Life gain is useful, a body is useful, and we have a ton of cheap cards to enable it. It is also pretty good to copy with Zilean.

Rite of Negation: Having this as a two-of is a neat tool against control, especially if we have leveled Zilean and they need to play around it the second time.

Spirit Leech: Card draw and a body, plus it can't be interacted with. Excellent.

Spirit Fire: This is an game-ender card against aggro decks. It is also one of our best cards to copy with Zilean.

Vengeance: Similarly, this card is very good against midrange decks, and is also very good with Zilean.


In short, Zilean is an excellent champ for control and combo decks. He has numerous synergies with other regions, like Targon with their Gems, Card generation, and card draw, or with PnZ and their Augment synergies. I can't wait to see Malphite and Irelia to see how they work with Zilean.

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