Turbo Zillean Go Hard

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  • Archetype Combo
  • Deck Type Theorycraft
  • Crafting Cost 20500
  • Your Cost 20500
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This deck is a typical Zilean Go Hard deck, but it focuses on turbo leveling Zilean to get insane value from playing lots of cheap cards every round.

The most important thing in this deck is drawing Zilean, so Rite of Calling is essencial to the deck as well as some Predicts and Draws to find him. This deck also needs draw in general because many cheap cards so you will run out of fuel very quickly.

As this deck has many Predicts it becomes possible to make it more flexile by including a few copies of some specific cards (like Spirit Fire and Commander Ledros in this case) and picking them in the matches that you need.


Right now, as this is just theorycrafting, I've added Devoted Council but I don't know if it will make the final cut or not. In theory Devoted Council works great in a deck like this because the point of the deck is to turbo level Zilean very reliably so it will be easy to enable. Zilean has a lot of Health so that way he can also be used to block without the fear of being easily removed due to Devoted Council healing him.

Cards that could be included but are not:

  • Elise is a sturdy unit that makes pressure early game and also provides bodies, but there are already 3 2-drops in the deck and she would mess the probabilities of Rite of Calling drawing Zilean, which you basically need to win. Instead I included Dunekeeper, he also applies a lot of pressure, creates a body and is played on curve.
  • Scrying Sands showed great potencial, but it feels like this decks isn't for it. This deck doesn't have a great board to fight with, a 1 mana spell that Predicts and gives an enemy -2|-0 most of the times just becomes a 1 mana Predict and heal your nexus 2 and there are better options to fit in it's place.
  • Withering Wail, Vile Feast and Unspeakable Horror are not needed because this deck already has access to plenty of pings and early game presence, and (hopefully) Devoted Council already gives enought healing to the deck.
  • Ancient Hourglass or The Rekindler could be used to keep Zilean on board consistantly, but there is no need because he is very cheap and easy to find, and the deck already has Rite of Negation and his champion spell Chronoshift (btw don't use it, you should just replay him from hand. Perhaps only use it to generate another copy with Zilean's leveled ability).


Your main win condition will be to draw and level up Zilean and to spam Go Hard, and if the match is dragging out just pick Commander Ledros from the Predicts.

In general mulligan everything that is not a Zilean/Rite of Calling or a Go Hard. Against aggro matches keep all the units and against combo/control decks keep Rite of Negation.

Dont rush the game, keep drawing and playing your Go Hards, play Devoted Council once you've stabilized and only use Rite of Negation to stop big scary enemy spell's like Atrocity, Strength in Numbers, etc... 


Ancient Preparations is great in here for the body and the Predict. Shaped Stone gives basically always +3|+1 because of all the landmarks the deck has, but it doesn't really have a great target to play on and so it might be swapped for something else.  

All of this deck's early units are chump blockers that summon another body, because not only do we need sacrifice targets for Rite of Calling, Glimpse Beyond and Rite of Negation, but we also need lots of chump blockers due to not having the board value for good trades.

Spirit Fire and Vengeance are here to control the midrange matches, and Commander Ledros to end the few matches that reach the late game.

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  • timmytiger2's Avatar Bulbasaur 55 5 Posts Joined 12/15/2020
    Posted 2 weeks ago

    I think this deck lacks the burn needed to close out games. The original TF Elise go-hard didn't have this issue because it doubled as an early game deck, but without the TF red cards and the early pressure, I see them living with 1/2 hp in many games and you running out of steam after the first Pack your bags. I think a deck like Lee Sin Zoe or Lissandra Trundle probably wins 70-80% of the time bc of running out of steam vs decks with healing or many board clears. Also, I think Spirit Fire is a bit much since we have Zilean, but its hard to know that from a theory craft.


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