Mono-Lee Sin, Shurima Allegiance

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  • Archetype Combo
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 17000
  • Your Cost 17000
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Theoretically, this archetype should be a lot better than it is currently, thanks to the addition of Soothsayer and Chronoshift. If we can find enough ways to slow down aggro, we should be able to protect Lee and get the combo off.

The advantage this has over Targon is the 2 extra cards that can find Lee (4-cost Allegiance and zero cost spell). The disadvantage is that you give up all the Targon stuff, including a lot of draw. But let's be honest - Targon needs all that draw because it cannot tutor out Lee. So, the Shurima version is MUCH better at finding Lee reliably. And kind of hilariously, if the Allegiance misses, it means you're drawing Lee anyways, so it's not even that big of a problem (like most missed allegiance would be).

However, the Shurima version used to be much worse at protecting him, casting enough spells, and surviving aggro. With the addition of Soothsayer, Profiteer and Chronoshift, these downsides may not be true anymore.

Profiteer gives us a pretty decent body that generates the zero-cost spell that can give overwhelm, Lucky Find, one of the crucial combo pieces to make Lee Sin work with Shurima in the first place. But now it's on a stat-stick as well, in addition to being on a Landmark and on a spell.

Soothsayer gives us an un-interactible spellshield for Lee Sin, as well as a decent body to get in the way of attackers. 

Chronoshift gives us a way to prevent Lee from dying, while simultaneously buffing him closer to OTK range. It could actually make blocking with Lee an actively good thing, instead of something that you never want to do.

Anyways, I'm not sure I'm excited about this situation, to be honest. I generally don't like playing Lee or playing against him, but maybe this version of the deck will click with me.

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