Irelia Azir Frame: Sommon/Recall Midrange

Last updated 2 weeks ago
  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 28500
  • Your Cost 28500
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Zed is Irelia

Utiilize Sommons and recall synergy for value and generate strong attacks with fast lvl on Azir and Irelia.



Core: Makes the deck, will likely stick regardless of reveals


3x Dancing Droplet: autoinclude

3x Dunekeeper: Aggro summon drop/good blocker

2x Scrying: Flexible burst speed combattrick, predict helps setup Kinkou Wayfinder and improves Musicians draws, might go to 3

3x Retreat: Core recall value

3x Azir: Summon value, strong engine with hard punch post lvlup

3x Irelia: pls summon synergy

3x Field Mucisians: Recall synergy: offers refuel, strong engine

3x Kinkou Wayfinder: Reliably escalates board, good synergy

3x Inspiring Marshal: Engine that helps buff Recalled stuff/ Sandsoilders/Irelia Blades, might go to 2


Maybe picks: could make it, could be cut


2x Emperors Dias: decent engine, but requires attackers, might feel weak without scount/rally, Shurima card=bad for wayfinder

3x Navori Conspirator: good early recall but requires recall fodder, might not be great

1x Solitary Monk: Better body payoff with recall, however dead card once engines are in play(Musicians, Marshal, Azir/Ire)

2x Shadow Assassin: good card, resummoning draw is great but paying 3 seems bad after Droplet reveal, also 3 Mana Slot is contested because of Irelia?

2x Concussive Palm: Interesting option, recall synergy but might be too slow/not achieve much for the gameplan

1x Sparring Student: maaaybe if Irelia spam summons, but other 1- Drops seem more promising this far


Nonrelated: Tech/Protection cards

1x Nopefy, 1x Deny: You are in Ionia

1xDeep Meditiation: good draw that works of Retreat (e.g. they kill Field Musicians off, you still generate cardlead)

1x Whimsy!: i like this card, silence is a decent mechanic i guess

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