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First time writing here - because I am so exited!

After I got really bored and tired in this META environment I started to troll around in normals just to try out some new ideas.
ZILEAN/SWAIN is a deck I really wanted to work so I tried and tried but....until now I havent had much success for the most part.
But after playing around with new tweaks of SWAIN/CONTROL decks I came up with this one and its really a strong contender against the likes of NASUS, IRELIA, SPIDER/BURN and AGGRO in generall, even BARRIER decks like SHEN/J and SHEN/FIORA got blasted. That said - ITS ALL IN THE DETAILS ;-) As I found some really spicey cards that hardly ever got played but are surprisingly strong/usefull - first of all:


HUNT THE WEAK: Man this card is a blast! It works wonders on TRESH/NASUS and IRELIA/AZIR for obvious reasons. I dropped several W now on both decks and had so much fun. IRELIA/AZIR runs out of steam so fast and no cheap recall or homecoming prevent HUNT THE WEAK. TRESH/NASUS also suffers hard because you take their slay units away - which are needed for slay summons or GLIMPSE BEYOND. You weaken NASUS directly or make GLIMPSE very costly/compromising and sometimes even a brick with no value at all.

DEVOTED COUNCIL: Playing SWAIN with ZILEAN makes it very easy to lvl up, so the condition is allways met. Guys - this card works wonders.
In combo with XENOTYPE RESEARCH the DEVOTED COUNCIL is a 4/9 3drop which is amazing enough but the heals will give you the opportunity to do some really good trades in late game with SWAIN or ZILEAN which might otherwise be sometimes a thread.

XENOTYPE RESEARCH: If you look up the deck you will notice that I dont run many units.
No surprise at first because I run a CONTROL type deck but the reason for the very few units is even more that we greatly benefit from the +3/3 boost that XENOTYPE gives, which is focused on specific units which will then bring huge value to the table.

4/7 ZILEAN as a 2drop !!!
8/4 THORN OF THE ROSE (3drop)
Or even more a 6/9 SWAIN from the get go....

The thickness guys, the thickness. You could not care less about blocking those weaklings called "BLADE DANCERS"
or some wimpsy SPIDERS and GHOSTS ;-)
So no need to fear the lack of units: you have plenty of card draws and as mentioned the XENOTYPE boost.

SOME MORE INSIGHT - which might be obvious for SWAIN nerds but....:

- Allways look for a SCRYING SANDS/INTO SWAIN combo. SCRYING SANDS makes way for his ability, pushing every 5atk or 4atk unit out of the way in synergy with FEARSOME.

- ZILEAN is a GREAT BAIT!!! Use ZILEAN with ease as a chump blocker or make him a target on a "reckless attack" - most of the time you want him to die because then you can spam for more TIME BOMBS. Even more: Enemys will tend to trade him, because of their greed or because they think he is a win condition. You could not care less - every new summon spams more TIME BOMBS into your card pool. But the 1dmg he does, makes way for a nice and surprising PUNSIH with RAVENOUS FLOCK. Your ravens are just waiting for their prey....

- Look for opportunitys in which you can use ZILEANS CHAMPION SPELL, which makes a trade PUNISHABLE. A nice surprising SWAIN with double stats is hard to swallow, which is even more satisfying in a deck which drops units that are boosted by XENOTYPE RESEARCH.



SEMI GOOD match ups (inconsistent because of bad draws both ways): DRAVEN AGGRO types, DRAGONS, SUN DISK and FRELJORD stuff.

BAD match ups: OTHER CONTROL TYPES i.g. are dragging and no fun....and the LISSANDRA/WATCHER "BS"

SMALL TALK: I love ZILEAN and I hope for more cards that synergize well with him. Even more for ZILEAN/SWAIN which is a great CONTROL archetype IMHO that hopefully will have a long term place in the hearts of us CONTROL type nerds.

Have fun and let me know what you think. Allways looking for more inspiration.
LAST WORDS: LTC and WATCHER is cancer!!!

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