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----------------------------W/L: 18-12-0

Maximize passive NEXUS DMG with this flashy crew from the Zaun Ghetto.
Start the game with the Priority on:

- Fallen Feline
- and/or Zilean

if you can not find them Boomcrew Rookie or Aspiring Chronomancer are the way to go.

Your game plan is to copy Fallen Feline with Iterative Improvement as often as possible over the first 5 rounds. By this way you develop a board/blockers and set up your damage pool with Hexite Crystal which gives every PREDICT decisive value.

Regarding your board you can also play Iterative Improvement with Boomcrew Rookie for a more aggressive board and/or Aspiring Chronomancer which are both valuable targets. Boomcrew Rookie often squeezes important damage in and Aspiring Chronomancer helps you with EKKO, drawing cards you need and are a capable unit as a 3/4.

You also want to copy Time Bomb with Practical Perfectionist if you can.
If not your copy goals and overall priority cards are:

- Time Trick
- Called Shot

and if you allready enabled them:

- Chronobreak
- Parallel Convergence

which both have the greatest priority as they represent the most value and win condition in your late game.

Be aware that  YOU CAN SKIP the draws from every PREDICTION.
So if you dont find the cards you need, just skip and wait for better options.
If you dont skip and copy other cards than your priority cards, you will only make it even harder to draw what you need and circumvent your own win condition. So: PREDICT as often as you can, LVL UP Ekko and take the cards you need but skip if you dont find the mentioned priority cards.

Try to LVL UP Zilean as a main goal and protect him if you can. His LVL 2 gives you many consistent ways to win the game as you can play/copy, play/copy all of your important cards as:

- Hexite Crystal 
- Time Trick
- Time Bomb 
- Chronobreak
- Parallel Convergence

Even Aftershock and Mystic Shot can help you to win the game as you can use them for NEXUS DMG as well.

In general you can potentially win many match ups and only opponents that play big units or are especially strong in their late game with 10/10 board stats are problematic but not unwinable. This is where Khahiri the Returned comes into play. After 10 days playing in patch 2.11.0 I can tell you that KAHIRI is the only way that brings consistent POWER to the table. Often overlooked (for no reason) he is really the missing late game MVP (if you want to go with a ZILEAN build at all that is based on passive damage).

Overall EKKO is IMO not a good card/deck for beginners or casuals as there are many potential missplays that just wait for you to trap in. Not only mine but all EKKO builds are hard to play and need time and awareness. If you dont high roll "over 9000" with HEXITE CRYSTALS you will find yourself more often in a clutch late game where this deck really shines. The "come back potential" of this deck is what its all about! Chronobreak and Parallel Convergence are super strong and fun to play in that regard. The EKKO/TIMEWINDER thematic is really on point. Much love to the DEVS for that. 

So if you enjoy thoughtfull matches and combo oriented play styles, this is your deck. Its also a deck that likes to "punish". Players that like to play more reactively will enjoy EKKO, because there are so many ways to punish every play and every move that opponents make. Most of your cards are cheap and if you wait for your opponent to make the first move or to deplete his mana, you allways have an answer and ways to push for favourable trades, chipping away NEXUS dmg little by little and overwhelm them with swing turns enabled by Chronobreak and Parallel Convergence.

I think this is my most defined deck that includes ZILEAN. Lets see now how EKKO works without him ;-)

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    ----------------------------W/L: 18-12-0

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    ----------------------------W/L: 16-10-0

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    ----------------------------W/L: 14-9-0


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