Poppy Stellafly

Last updated 9 months ago
  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 18300
  • Your Cost 18300
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While thinking about what regions Poppy should be paired with I think her best aggressive region will still be Bilgewater but I think there is potential here for a slower gameplan with Poppy that attempts to outvalue the opponent by healing with a constantly growing Sparklefly (or stellacorn if push comes to shove).


So basically your best curve is from turns 2-6 is Sparklefly, laurent protege, Poppy, laurent duelist/brightsteel defender , yordle ranger.


Spells you want to hold early are sharpsight and prismatic barrier. You don't want to hold single combat because you want to build up the board's health as much as possible so when you draw into single combat you are less likely to be trading away your own unit.


Solari Priestess is in the deck mostly so if you fail to draw Poppy you can attempt to invoke Written in the Stars to try and draw her.


Battlebonds is in the deck as a last resort method to buff your board if Poppy still isn't drawn.

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    Santa Braum 590 641 Posts Joined 03/30/2019
    Posted 9 months ago

    This is a cool idea, but would be too inconsistent with so many 1x copies of cards. You'd need to hone the list a bit better to the most crucial cards, and put them up 3x each.

    • mutantmagnet's Avatar
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      Posted 9 months ago

      Thanks for the feedback.


      I've increased the number of cataclysms because now that I'm thinking more about it it works with more cards than I originally thought.


      There are some cards I do think need to be changed but there are certain cards I have clear deck building goals in mind.


      Stellacorn and Tyarai function as alternatives to the core card sparklefly.

      Concerted  is only a one off alternative to the core single combat.


      I probably would be better off going with Genevieve and Cithria as my 6 drops but I want to see if I can consistently build board value with Yordle ranger with Inviolus vox as my alternative to ranger.




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