The Tiny Master of Evil! (also Senna is here)

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  • Archetype Control
  • Deck Type Theorycraft
  • Crafting Cost 30700
  • Your Cost 30700
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The Darkness is here, courtesy of the Tiny Master of Evil and also Senna. Here is my card choices for the deck, though it mostly builds itself.


Darkbulb Acolyte: This immediately generates value, gives you a removal spell, can can actually become a legitimate board presence with all the Darknesses we create.

Twisted Catalyzer: Giving our Darkness extra damage is so good, especially if it does work with Dess and Ada to deal even mor edamage with their special version of the Darkness.

Solari Sentinel: Probably the worst card in the deck, but we needed a three-drop slot and extra Darknesses can't hurt?

Catalogue of Regrets: Getting to hold up a removal spell and/or Darkness will absolutely disincentivize our opponent from building too big of a board or investing mana in a unit, especially if we can hold up removal spells at fast speed with Senna.

Despair: I normally wouldn't play this card, but the amount of Lifesteal we have plus the ability to use it Fast speed means it's certainly testable.

Stilted Robemaker: This can easily discount five or six mana for the rest of the game depending on how many Darknesses we can make and cast.

Veigar: Technically the deck's win condition outside of just beatdown with our biggest units. Making our Darknesses permanently stronger and providing a game-ending win condition. He is very vulnerable to removal, so be careful.

Hidden Pathways: Nice little card draw spell, will become active with two Darkness and/or a Catalogue of Regrets.

Senna: Being able to leverage removal at fast speed is so good, and generating Darknesses, especially when they are buffed, is really great on a quick attack unit. Most of her power is in her front half, with her back half providing a little more value and stats, but not vital to win the game like Veigar's back half.

Ixtali Sentinel: A 4/5 with Lifesteal would have been playable back at the start of the game, seeing as how Soulgorger is worse and saw play. The Darkness generation on top of that is really nice, with a bonus face burn to level Veigar even harder. A curve of Veigar on turn 4, Darkness on turn 5, into Ixtali Sentinel and Darkness on turn 6 instantly levels Veigar.

Piercing Darkness: Lifesteal for 5 is way better than 3 when compared to Grasp of the Undying, but Slow is a serious downside. However, made fast speed with Senna, this feels very good.

Dawning Shadow: A removal spell that also neuters the rest of the enemy board is excellent, and at fast speed with Senna, downright broken.

The Rekindler: Our champs will die, especially since both die to Merciless Hunter (nerf Merciless Hunter). Rekindler buys them back, and likely an additional copy of the Darkness as well.

Dess and Ada: A board wipe on a unit? Seems a lot better than It That Stares and likely instantly levels Veigar should he be around.

The Ruination: Holding this up at fast speed with Senna, while killing our own Senna, is absolutely insane to punish the open attack.

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