Misty Furnace

Last updated 3 weeks, 5 days ago
  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 26100
  • Your Cost 26100
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1->2. Good soldiers can never be thrown away (reborn grenadier-> fallen rider)

3. Rest on their necks instead of your bed. (open attack) 

Let your opponent make a mistake (develop grave physician or bank mana)

4. If it bleeds you can kill it. (defend and ravenous flock, or combat trick) 

Hesitation = Death (summon sentry if you have flock or twinblade revenant if you discarded lost soul)

5. Strength in numbers. Strength in deeds. ( summon noble rebel or sentry) 

6.  Assert your dominance (summon fallen reckoner if you have enough mana available for mist call) 

7. Blood for the blood god!

Open attack and rally or develop double risen reckoner if you revived fallen reckoner the previous turn or summon Sion if he flips upon summon)


This is if you have the attack token on odd turns. Adjust accordingly for attacking on evens.

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