Destroy The Palace

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  • Archetype Aggro
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 23200
  • Your Cost 23200
Nifty129's Avatar Registered User 1

This was a deck I had theorized prior to bandlewood back with base shurima.

It made no sense back then, but makes all the sense in the world now. The big problem with acolytes is that they are so landmark hungry that they become impossible to keep consistent unless there's always at least one landmark on the field.

Wait Akshan summons a landmark and brings it back on strike. If he dies resummon him or play the 3 drop...taadaa permanent landmark presence of our 6 acolytes to eat.

Now they are basically mistwraiths in shurima.

Last edit I really want unleashed energy jamming that on akshan is scarry and helps level ziggs.

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