Demolition Squad

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  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 27900
  • Your Cost 27900
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Deck Focus:.............Demolish landmarks, procc Xerath and finish with The Arsenal.

Deck style:................Midrange


Period:.......................Beyond the Bandlewood (Bandle City release) >

Cause of death:.......Not yet


Recent Changes:

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Endless Devout x3
Desert Naturalist x3
Rite of the Arcane x3
The Arsenal x3
Xerath x3

Landmarks and generation:

Rock Hopper x3
Inventive Chemist x3
Unraveled Earth x3
Zilean x3

Hexplosive Minefield x3
Preservarium x3

Staples and techs:

Stress Defense x2
Unleashed Energy x2
Pokey Stick x2
Minimorph x1


Cards that can be added depending on flavor:

Ancient Preparations - Interchangable with Inventive Chemist; both being early landmark drops.
Otterpus - Prank package can be fun and annoying.
Waste Walker, Herald of the Magus - More landmark synergy.
Hidden Pathways - Additional draw power.
Taliyah - Landmark synergy and good offense once leveled.



Quicksand - soft silence
Spirit Fire - AoE
Unleashed Energy, Shaped Stone, The Absolver - buffs
Ancient Hourglass - protection
Stress Defense, Scrying Sands - combat
Rite of Negation - deny

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