Darkness Horizon

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  • Archetype Control
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 24500
  • Your Cost 24500
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Deck Focus:.............Stack up Darkness and nuke.

Deck style:................Control


Period:.......................Beyond the Bandlewood (Bandle City release) >

Cause of death:.......Not yet


Recent Changes:

Order of changesRemovedAdded
Change 1





Darkbulb Acolyte x3
Twisted Catalyzer x3
Stilted Robemaker x3
Veigar x3
Senna x3


Ixtali Sentinel x2 - Can work as sustain or finisher.
Dess & Ada x1 - AoE and counter to Pranked Darkness.


Pokey Stick x3
Vile Feast x3
Withering Mist x2 - AoE and sustain

Staples and techs:

Otterpus x3
Stress Defense x2
Minimorph x1

Aloof Travelers x2 - counters gameplans
Conchologist x2 - Early drop and value.
Hidden Pathways x3 - card draw
Mist's Call x1 - Counters removal and allows generates Darkness.


Cards that can be added depending on flavor:

Solari Sentinel - Additional Darkness generator, but feels redundant.
Catalogue of Regrets - Can generate lots of value.



Aloof Travelers - anti-control tech
Stress Defense - combat trick
Vengeance, Minimorph - removal
Withering Wail, Withering Mist - AoE
Piercing Darkness, Withering Mist - sustain

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