Tresure Deep

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  • Archetype Control
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 31500
  • Your Cost 31500
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Out values the deep mirror, and plays better into aggro.

Not much more to say except it's very good. Not going for things like the insta board of 5/5s and keel breaker seems bad right now as long as you're teched against aggro well enough you're good to go.

Only weakness you could say is it doesn't turbo deep, but honestly turbo into champ wincon is kinda bad right now anyway.

Like who wants to spend a malkai, a salvage, and a toss only to have their Nautelus minimorphed instantly? You need a value backup plan and treasures guarantee the win in those scenarios.

A few easy adjustments against greed yes sooo much greed.

Aaaaand 30 minuites and were done thanks for the help optimizing boys.

A couple beautiful things happening here beyond our ability to go wide, and have treasure. We get to cut pings because we have red card thats great, same thing with withering whail etc and we don't need healing thanks to our 3 drop.

So that basically leaves hard removal aka wtf do we do about poppy, black spear won't do it because it's a post combat spell, the box is too finicky, so let's just crumble our toad, instant toss heal and Poppy kill thats pretty good.

Obviously given the fact that we are self milling means we won't have 3 crumbles in hand because we mull it so, chances are we only draw 1 and thats perfect.

Last tweak is zap for slaughter docks, I already have soooo much draw and sooo many chump blockers that I just need beef honestly

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