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  • Your Cost 33400
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I wanted to build a version of shadow Jayce that wasn't reliant on high meta dependent cards like ledros and Elise and all this stuff that doesn't really impact the game or help you win but more so stalls things out until you go infinite with the L man.

This version of the deck is more tempo oriented, it has a clearer wincon, it has midrange options like Jayce boat and ezreal and even the possibility of hitting a go hard clear. It's just better, more flexible, now I did like both the one drop and 3 drop so kept those.

Meow boat is an interesting one again it helps push dmg, it cycles, it trades well, if you think about it, it's better than vi in this deck, man I'm on a  role.

I even squeezed in ladros and the one cheeky aftershock, so pretty sure this is literally as good as it gets.

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