Heavy Blow Factory

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  • Archetype Aggro
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 22600
  • Your Cost 22600
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This deck is an aggressive combo deck featuring the combination of augment,  Vi and reforge 

Unlike most aggressive decks you never really switch in this deck from board Aggression to burn damage. The main reason is that you can pump up your overwhelm units to that huge attack values that blocking will be very hard for the opponent.

The Vi and Riven are both known for their huge power and this deck adds overwhelm and in some cases also elusive to make the power count. 


The key skill that you need to have with this deck to know many of your buff spells should you invest in a certain situation, how much mana you have to leave up for tricks and... an eye what units you can make hit for 10+ overwhelm damage the fastest (usually it's Vi)

Aside of that: enjoy the era of relatively little removal and make them regret not running "enough" hard removal 

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