Meme's Call (Revna, Destiny's call) Fated Midrange

Last updated 1 month, 1 week ago
  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Theorycraft
  • Crafting Cost 30000
  • Your Cost 30000
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What is the idea behind this deck? 

Draw all day until you have Destiny's Call and Revna, the Lorekeeper in hand, use Destiny's Call on revna and play her for a "minor" deck buff.

But aside of that this deck mostly is a targon fated midrange deck trying to get keep board control with Wounded Whiteflame Blighted Ravine to keep away small critters and Celestial Wonder to keep away larger units or take out blockers to your overwhelm units.

So far I don't know if this deck will need silence effects too.

In general the amount of interaction is rather bad so maybe a 2 of Hush might do good.

But that's a subject to test once this deck rolls out :)

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