Probably bad Braum/Vlad

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    Posted 2 years, 10 months ago

    I dunno, man--looks pretty OK to me.  Only things I can think of:

    • I really hate Crimson Aristocrat.  I know it fits with your theme on paper, but in practice I don't think she's going to line up well.  Paying 2 mana to take 1 health off an ally at slow speed really hurts.  I kinda think she's unplayable unless you're hitting a regen, overwhelm, fearsome, and/or elusive target, and while you have a few I think most of the time you play her she's just going to chipping health off something you want to stay alive a little longer.
    • Conversely, Transfusion is a REALLY good fit, because you can burst it in as a combat trick, and many times you'll be effectively buffing BOTH targets.
    • Those Feral Mystics are a little awkward (you shouldn't need help with end game; you've either scaled or you haven't) except I don't know what you replace them with. I was thinking maybe Starlit Seer, based on all the buff spells you're already running?  Or House Spider, because its good early chump blocking with the mid game ability to level Vlad?  Or Avarosan Sentry, because it also cycles a draw?  Omen Hawk, because its already a solid early game play but it also helps with your gameplan?
    • Consider adding a single copy of Battle Fury--it's surprisingly easy to turn that +8 attack into nexus damage, especially with all the overwhelms you have.

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