Crimson Scars

Last updated 2 months ago
  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 27800
  • Your Cost 27800
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Deck Focus:.............Control the board and nexus with Vladimir and friends.

Deck style:................Midrange


Period:.......................Open Beta >

Cause of death:.......Not yet


Recent Changes:

Order of changesRemovedAdded

Change 4

-2 Shared Spoils
-2 Take Heart
-2 Black Rose Spy

+3 Crimson Bloodletter
+1 Death's Hand
+2 Whispered Words

Change 3
(Targon & Shurima)

-3 Omen Hawk
-3 Wolfrider
-2 Ruthless Raider
-2 Fury of the North
-2 Avarosan Hearthguard

+1 Transfusion
+3 Troll Chant
+3 Babbling Bjerg
+3 The Scargrounds
+2 Black Rose Spy

Change 2
(Bilgewater release)

-2 Unscarred Reaver
-3 Crimson Aristocrat
-2 Blood for Blood
-1 Transfusion
-3 Crimson Curator
-3 Scarthane Steffen
-3 Crimson Awakener
-2 Avalanche
-1 Take Heart
-1 Trifarian Assessor
-1 Captain Farron
-1 Katarina
-3 Braum

+3 Imperial Demolitionist
+2 Ruthless Raider
+2 Death's Hand
+2 Ursine Spiritwalker
+2 Fury of the North
+3 Wolfrider
+2 Shared Spoils
+3 Ember Maiden
+1 The Tuskraider
+2 Avarosan Hearthguard
+3 Sejuani
+1 Vladimir

Change 1

-2 Stalking Wolf
-2 Noxian Guillotine
-2 Death Lotus
-2 Entreat
-3 Flash Freeze

+2 Blood for Blood
+1 Transfusion
+1 Scarthane Steffen
+3 Crimson Awakener
+1 Avalanche
+3 Trifarian Assessor



Ember Maiden x3
The Scargrounds x3
Sejuani x3
Vladimir x3


Death's Hand x3
Imperial Demolitionist x3
Crimson Disciple x3

Card Draw:

Babbling Bjerg x3
Trifarian Assessor x2
Whispered Words x2

Staples and techs:

Transfusion x3

Crimson Bloodletter x3 - sticky early drop
Ursine Spiritwalker x2 - Easy to procc and brings overwhelm to most units.
The Tuskraider x1 - slow but massive value


Cards that can be added depending on flavor:

Fury of the North, Sharpened Resolve, Take Heart - buffs
Omen Hawk, Shared Spoils, Avarosan Hearthguard - deck buffs
Avarosan Sentry, Shared Spoils, Entreat, Trifarian Assessor, Whispered Words - card draw
Black Rose Spy - fun and useful for long games, but more often a win-more card.
Riven - Brings some value with her buffs.
Lissandra - Tough to level up, but brings synergy with Ice Shard and tough.


Scorched Earth, Bloody Business, Noxian Guillotine - hard removal
Ice Shard, Avalanche, Blighted Ravine - AoE
Noxian Fervor, Basilisk Bloodseeker - direct damage
Scorched Earth, It That Stares - landmark removal
Entomb - protection/reset
Mimic - Can turn slow and fast spells against the opponent.

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