Aurelian Sol Dragons supported by Demacian Combat

Last updated 1 year, 9 months ago
  • Archetype Control
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 25100
  • Your Cost 25100
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So, the main idea behind the deck is presented by our beloved digital athlete Control.


That being said he admits that the deck isnt polished so I went and improved it with more Demacian cards which ensure your survavability and finishing force. Radiant Guardian is the main reason of survivalability against agressive strategies currently available in the game and the fact that we can discount her is pretty huge. Because currently speaking the Ionia and Deny options are not so popular,this deck has no problem of swinging the board with Judgment, which has great synergies not only with Radiant Guardian,but also with any Dragon because of Fury mechanic. That and Relentless Pursuit ensured that I currently have whooping 17-2 score with 2 losses against Ezreal deck bcause I havent found Single Combat for Ezreal.
The main weakness of the deck as t stands by now is card draw. With natural card draw being only Dragons Cluth. That being said in terms of board presence and finishing force past turn 10 theres hardly any other deck which can compete. So far this version of A.Sol is able to hold its ground even against other varriations and mixes of champions includil Thresh A.Sol or Leona A.Sol.
Keep in mind though that this can change as the meta is fairly young on this August day of 29th.

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