Overwhelming Spiders

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Nice deck for some fast daily wins, im usually done in like 10-15 minutes with the 3 wins.


Pretty straightforward aggro deck, vomit spiders, use Spider Queen Elise to disable low attack blockers or pull units you want to deal with to their deaths.

There are plenty of attack buffs, so Elise isnt your only wincon when it comes to spiders.

Finish the opponent by sacking blocking units to deal damage with Phantom Prankster or with Overwhelm.


Super weak to any kind of AOE, one you can usually recover from, two ur pretty much dead in topdeck mode and you are not going to win. You can sneak some wins if they cant remove Phantom Prankster tho.

PS: Feel free to put in more Skitterers, they are amazing, i just dont have more than 1.

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