Vi in Zenith (Taric & Vi)

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After playing this deck a lot, i think i finally refined it to not be as bad.

Main goal is to use Gem generators to quickly buff Vi or your other units. Then use Zenith Blade to grant them all Overwhelm. We also include some support cards to help your minions stick more. Since we will support and target allies a lot, Arbiter of the Peak and Taric might come in handy. 

This deck might not be very competitive against decks with a lot of early aggresion and removal, but it's still fun to one shot enemy nexus with 15 Power Vi

28.09- Removed Assembly Bot for Crescent Guardian, bigger body and less conditional

29.09- Removed Solari Soldier x2for Guiding Touch x2, more draw and we don't need so many 1 drops.

29.09 Removed Tyari the Traveler x3 and Intrepid Mariner for Startled Stomper x3 and Hush x1, more overwhelm and Hush is op

Patch 10.11: Removed Startled Stomper x3 and Hush x1 and added Mountain Goat x3

and Bastion x1, since they recive a buff and might become more playable

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