Freljord Frost-Poros

Last updated 2 years ago
  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Just for Fun
  • Crafting Cost 25800
  • Your Cost 25800
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Deck Focus:.............Stack up with Poro Snax, and unleash a massive elusive Fluft of Poros.

Deck style:................Midrange


Period:.......................Open Beta >

Cause of death:.......Not yet


Recent Changes:

Order of changesRemovedAdded

Change 2
(bilgewater - shurima)

-2 Brittle Steel
-3 Icevale Archer
-3 Mighty Poro
-2 Thermogenic Beam
-1 Pack Mentality
-2 Harsh Winds
-2 Rimetusk Shaman
-3 Flash Freeze
-3 Avarosan Hearthguard
-3 Ashe

+3 Poro Cannon
+3 Rummage
+3 Ballistic Bot
+3 Aftershock
+1 Poro Herder
+3 Patched Porobot
+3 Get Excited!
+3 Viktor

Change 1

-1 Poro Herder
-1 Pack Mentality

+2 Thermogenic Beam



Poro Snax x3
Lonely Poro x3
Poro Herder x3
Heart of the Fluft x2
Aurora Porealis x2
Braum x3

Elusive poro support:

Daring Poro x3
Poro Cannon x3
Patched Porobot x3

Staples and techs:

Aftershock x3
Rummage x3
Get Excited! x3

Ballistic Bot x3 - Generates proccs for Rummage and Get Excited!.
Viktor x3 - Alternative win-con if left unchecked. Aura can be useful for Aurora Porealis.


Cards that can be added depending on flavor:

Mighty Poro - More poros, although already generated by Braum.
Call the Wild, Shared Spoils, Progress Day! - more draw power
Tri-beam Improbulator - fun card that synergizes with Poro Snax.
Mechanized Mimic, Give It All - Alternate win-con through elusive.
Lissandra, Vi, Ashe, Trundle - alternative champs


Brittle Steel, Flash Freeze, Three Sisters - frostbite
Mystic Shot, Thermogenic Beam, Death Ray - Mk 1 - small removal
Ice Shard, Avalanche, Blighted Ravine - AoE
Troll Chant, Suit Up! - protection
Aftershock, It That Stares - for landmarks


Alternative builds with different focus:


Deck buffs


Brittle Steel
Icevale Archer
Harsh Winds
Rimetusk Shaman

Omen Hawk
Starlit Seer
Avarosan Outriders
Avarosan Hearthguard

Poro Cannon
Daring Poro
Patched Porobot
Heart of the Fluft


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