Vi's Poro Cannon

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  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 15700
  • Your Cost 15700
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Alternate title: PoroVi Our Enemies!

Apparently, Vi + Poros has started to catch on, so a lot of what I wrote below is no longer correct.

I'm not 100% sure about the competitive Viability (tehe) of this deck, but I can say this for sure: it's fun! And it got me from Plat4 to Plat2 (against meta decks, not against jank), for what that's worth. I know that my win differential is +13 right now (13 more wins than losses). Win record is something like 21-8 or 22-9. So, the more I play it, the more I'm becoming convinced that it's legitimately good, somehow. I do have to say, this makes me pretty excited, because if it's actually a good deck, that would be the first time that I made my own idea in LoR and it worked. (Update: after this W/L record, I went on a crazy losing streak, mostly involving Feel The Rush. This deck seems pretty bad against FTR. I'm experimenting with Harsh Winds replacing Avarosan Sentry to help out with some weaknesses of the deck. Back to Plat2 currently. Topped out at Plat1 before the losing streak.)

Your first question may be, "Wait, why Vi, though? Vi and poros is not even remotely "a thing" that people do." Well, the thing about poros is that they love having a big buddy who can challenge things for them, or deal with large dudes on their behalf. Vi fills that role. And incidentally, playing a bunch of 1-cost cards has a tendency to level her up pretty quickly if you draw her early, just saying. And the idea of Vi blasting away with a Poro Cannon is just sooooo thematically appropriate for her.

But most importantly, unless this idea somehow becomes popular, I guarantee you that not a single opponent will think to themselves, "Hmm, I bet that deck with Vi is actually a poros deck in disguise." The surprise factor alone is worth it. Braum screams "poros!" to your opponent. Vi does NOT. Hence, this deck runs Vi, for the extra win percentage due to poor mulligans by the perplexed opponent, who thinks your deck is somehow focused on Vi, when it's really all poros all the way down. Don't get me wrong with that last comment - Vi is still very good in this deck, but there is only one way to protect her, Fury of the North, and it's probably not usually worth protecting her if she's going to die. Opponent using removal on Vi means they have one fewer removal spells for your Daring Poros.

This deck was built entirely by me, over quite a few different iterations, with a small amount of inspiration from a poro deck I played against like 2 months ago. Originally, I had made the deck with Braum (like a month ago), but when I picked it up again a week ago, I swapped Braum for Vi and added Patched Porobot, which is actually the biggest reason I'm having success with the deck now. He fills a huge gap in the curve and holds down the fort while you wait for Professor von Yipp to get rolling. And once the Poro Snax start getting passed around, Patched Porobot gets really mean, really fast. Against aggro, his best keywords are Regeneration and Lifesteal, but honestly, there isn't a single bad keyword for him to get. A 2/3 with Regeneration/Lifesteal/Elusive/Tough/ Spellshield/Challenger/Quick Attack/Fury/Fearsome/Overwhelm/Scout that gets bigger as the game goes on ... yeah, this guy is pretty amazing actually. But he's also expendable, so feel free to block or attack with him, in order to draw out the opponent's combat spells (aka "tricks").

Your primary wincon is to eventually pump out 1-cost 4/4 or 5/5 (or even bigger) elusives. Huge Daring Poros is the most consistent way this deck wins in the end. 

A few tips:

  • This is NOT an aggro deck. I repeat, NOT an aggro deck. It's often incorrect to drop 1-cost poros in the early rounds just for board presence, however it is absolutely correct to drop a poro on turn 1 when you have the Poro Herder in hand. No one wastes removal on a 1/1 poro turn 1, so you always get the draw value in this situation. But yeah, if you have Professor von Yipp in hand, you absolutely save your 1-drops to get value from him, as much as possible, depending on the game state. Of course, if your opponent has Go Hard!BADCARDNAME in hand, this could potentially backfire. But again, even if they have it, I doubt they use it this early on a little bitty poro. They are still thinking Vi matters to the deck somehow, so they might save it for later.
  • Poro Snax is a really good combat trick, especially when your opponent thinks they can wipe your board full of 1/1 poros using TF or Withering Wail.
  • Professor von Yipp should only be played if you know they cannot remove him immediately (on turn 4) or at the beginning of turn 5 with a 1-drop in hand. (Ideally, they have the attack token on turn 4, they tap below 3 mana left, then you drop the professor. On your turn, you immediately play a 1-drop, OR you Poro Cannon into a Jury-Rig and THEN play a Daring Poro.)
  • We include Jury-Rig because it's a great discard outlet for Poro Cannon, but if Professor von Yipp is on the board, Jury-Rig is also a burst speed 3/3 blocker, which is pretty insane. Jury-Rig is by far at its best when Professor von Yipp is in play.
  • You may be shocked at the 3x Aurora Porealis, but it's absolutely amazing for buffing the poros and refilling your hand. Way too good to leave out. It is by FAR your best draw past turn 6. Sometimes I play it on turn 6 with 3 spell mana as a super expensive Poro Snax. That sounds bad, but depending on the board state, it can be absolutely devastating. Alternatively, you can play it end of turn, then immediately give all poros +2/+2 and open attack on the following turn. Side note - it's basically never correct in this deck to play a Heart of the Fluft that you get from an Aurora Porealis. Consider it a discard outlet for Poro Cannon or a completely dead card. The meta has far too many ways to deal with one enormous unit, so you are MUCH better having a wide board, almost every single time, though if you only have one or two other poros, it might be OK to play the Heart of the Fluft.
  • Occasionally, if I'm stalling to play Professor von Yipp with my 1-cost poros, I will just cast a Poro Snax with no targets on board, just to use mana. This is OK, because Poro Snax is one of the only buffs in the game that still works even if none of the relevant units are on the board.

If you have questions, feel free to comment!

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