Is this even legit? (Lab deck)

Last updated 7 months ago
  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Just for Fun
  • Crafting Cost 32400
  • Your Cost 32400
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As the title suggests it is a lab deck and you should know this archetype since it is the classic Taric Braum archetype however: it is adjusted in order to fullfill the even rule and comes with huuuge power.

Since all of the units get 1 attack each round all we actually have to care about that our units survive. And with the huge amount of combat tricks in a deck with mainly regeneration units (that run star spring to close the gap between the Taric Braum and the tank them to death archetype i came up before) we end up with a deck that: has very large units and multiple win conditions

wincondition number 1: Taric+ Battle Fury (earliest chance is turn 5)

wincondition number 2: buff up Braum that big that his regeneration fills the Star Spring

wincondition number 3: Feel The Rush

wincondition number 4: outgrind the opponen with Starlit Seer procs

... and that is a quite decent arsenal of winconditions i think.

So feel free to test it:)  I won every game with it (in which i didnt have a brain fart moment) so it should be quite good

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