Under the Sea

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  • Archetype Control
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 26900
  • Your Cost 26900
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Deck Focus:.............Going deep with Nautilus and Maokai.

Deck style:................Control


Period:.......................Rising Tides >

Cause of death:.......Not yet


Recent Changes:

Order of changesRemovedAdded
Change 1
(Monuments of Power)

-1 Jettison
-1 Twisted Fate

+2 The Slaughter Docks



Maokai x2
Nautilus x3

Deep engine:

Dreg Dredgers x3
Thorny Toad x3
Deadbloom Wanderer x3
Salvage x2
Jettison x1 - Used as a combat trick to procc deep before a battle.
The Slaughter Docks x2

Jaull Hunters x3
Abyssal Eye x2
Devourer of the Depths x3
Shipwreck Hoarder x1- Late-game value for control battles.


Vile Feast x3
Grasp of the Undying 2
Withering Wail x3
Riptide x1

Staples and techs:

Vile Feast x3
Grasp of the Undying x2
Withering Wail x2

Mist's Call x1 - Revival for Nautilus or Maokai.
Riptide x1 - Non-destruction removal, although risks being tossed unlike Nautilus's Riptide.
Atrocity x2 - finisher


Cards that can be added depending on flavor:

Barkbeast, Hapless Aristocrat - additional early drops
Sea Scarab, Blighted Caretaker - accelerators for Nautilus and Maokai.
Glimpse Beyond, Spirit Leech, Lure of the Depths - draw power
Lost Riches, Shipwreck Hoarder - Alternate focus on treasures.
Terror of the Tides - Alternate finisher, although seems redundant.
Kindred - Can be played as a 1-of for control matches.


Vengeance, Crumble - big removal
Withering Wail, The Box, Passage Unearned, The Ruination  - AoE

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