[Budget] Champless Poros!

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  • Archetype Midrange
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 9700
  • Your Cost 9700
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Don't let the budget aspect of this deck fool you. It's definitely competitive, at least for me.

Updated Dec 11 - I used this list exclusively to climb from low Diamond IV to Masters, on the SEA shard. I just completed the climb, starting near the bottom of Diamond IV ... what a crazy roller-coaster of a ride. Got to the final game three separate times before punching through to Masters. Almost gave up when I dropped from 80/100 Diamond I all the way back down to 60/100 Diamond II. The entire climb was spread over at least an entire week of real life time, maybe longer.

Anyways, the main goal of the deck is to create big Daring Poros. This is the primary wincon. It's also the best way to play poros right now, because it leaves your opponent with the fewest options for counterplay.

This deck is NOT trying to highroll with Heart of the Fluft. That card is usually a trap. Sure, you get some explosive games. But then you have those times when the Fluft of Poros gets Hushed, Frostbited (possibly combined with Culling Strike), Vengeance'd, Obliterated, Runiated, bounced, stunned - and then you lose, because your blockers are all gone.

This deck is also not trying to spend 8 mana on a slow spell (Give It All) that can get Denied and requires a highly specific kind of board to even be useful. In other words, Give It All is often a "win more" card - if you play it on the kind of board it needs to be good, you were probably going to win anyways. Not always, but often.

In contrast, THIS deck posting, is a relatively "fair" deck that has a versatile toolkit that allows you to adapt to your opponent's choices.

But always keep in mind your most likely wincon, and play to that wincon at all times - big 5/5 Daring Poros (or 3/3 or 4/4 ... or 8/8).

Lastly - a "protip." If your opponent is aggressive, especially if they are Discard Aggro, your Progress Day! is a dead card. Discard it to Poro Cannon, if the opportunity arises. Against aggro, your top priority is to prevent as much nexus damage as possible. Your best friends for doing this are any low cost units that you can use to trade off, lifesteal or regen on a Patched Porobot or Plunder Poro, Mystic Shot, Troll Chant, and Fury of the North. Go all out to prevent as much nexus damage as you can possibly prevent - hopefully when the dust settles, you'll have 1-2 Daring Poros alive to finish off the opponent who has no cards left.

Edit - Jan 4 2020 - with the launch of cosmic creation, I decided to update the deck. With Grand Plaza in the meta, we need Aftershock. So I removed Mystic Shot. We also want Iterative Improvement to give us more Daring Poros. So I dropped 1x Fury of the North and both of the Progress Day. 

Deck is working quite well so far in Plat.

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  • EpicPickle's Avatar Sparklepony 775 256 Posts Joined 06/02/2020
    Posted 1 month, 3 weeks ago

    Obviously, this deck has been around in various iterations with Braum and/or Vi. Do you think it actually works better without them?

    Congrats on your success with it.

    • sto650's Avatar Santa Braum 485 434 Posts Joined 03/30/2019
      Posted 1 month, 2 weeks ago

      I played the Braum version several months ago, and I'm the one who posted about the Vi version on the CompetitiveLoR subreddit actually.

      On the climb through Diamond, I was pretty surprised by the fact that I liked the version without champs better.

      Braum is basically just an expensive Mighty Poro with a small upside. He never levels though, unless you build a very different kind of poros deck from this one.

      Vi is basically just a removal spell who rarely, if ever, actually levels up.

      So, yeah - I'm currently in the camp of not using any champions. It gives 3-6 extra slots for interaction or tech cards.


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