Unlimited Stun Works

Last updated 4 months ago
  • Archetype Control
  • Deck Type Theorycraft
  • Crafting Cost 21700
  • Your Cost 21700
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Using Monastery of Hirana, constantly use concussive palm and arachnoid sentry on your opponent. This punishes development, and forces your opponent to take bad open attacks. 

The deck struggles with winning without Yasuo, so cards like Fae Bladetwirler and Legion General offer great alternate wincons. Removing Minotaur Reckoner for Legion General might seem bad, but because you are going to constantly be reusing Sentry and Palm, you should always have stuns. Additionally, Monastery of Hirana allows you to keep card advantage against your opponent because you are going to be reusing the same cards over and over again. This is great for games where you don't draw Yasuo and need to stall as much as possible. By potentially stunning and recalling two times a round, Legion General and Fae Bladetwirler will become bigger threats than Yasuo. 

Minah Swiftfoot acts as a ruination.

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