Deep Depths

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  • Archetype Combo
  • Deck Type Theorycraft
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This is a combo deck, that wants to toss cards fast to trigger [Hearthstone Card (Maokai) Not Found]BADCARDNAME and [Hearthstone Card (Nautilus) Not Found]BADCARDNAME effects. You need to survive, tossing your cards until you draw one of your champions. [Hearthstone Card (Deadbloom Wanderer) Not Found]BADCARDNAME and [Hearthstone Card (Thorny Toad) Not Found]BADCARDNAME grants you survival, tossing cards at the same moment. Keep them in starting hand as well as [Hearthstone Card (Dreg Dredgers) Not Found]BADCARDNAME that can be blocker in early. Keep [Hearthstone Card (Lure of the depths) Not Found]BADCARDNAME and if you have a nice curve, keep SalvageBADCARDNAME to dig through your deck faster. Keep [Hearthstone Card (Maokai) Not Found]BADCARDNAME if you have some cheaper cards. Even when he's not leveled up, he will help you in tossing and controling the board. Jaull Hunters can be helpful in early as a removal, that grants you a Sea Monster for later stages of  the game, also making your deck closer to Deep.

With many toss and draw tools you should level up and draw your champions fast. Use [Hearthstone Card (Maokai) Not Found]BADCARDNAME to smash enemy deck. Use [Hearthstone Card (Nautilus) Not Found]BADCARDNAME to spam your board with cheap buffed Sea Monsters. You should have some of them already in hand through cards such [Hearthstone Card (Lure of the depths) Not Found]BADCARDNAME and [Hearthstone Card (Jaull hunters) Not Found]BADCARDNAME. Use [Hearthstone Card (Terror of the tides) Not Found]BADCARDNAME to close the game for good.

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