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  • Archetype Control
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  • Crafting Cost 33100
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This deck will tilt your opponent.

An issue Yasuo decks have is drawing Yasuo. When you don't have him, it feels really bad to use stun cards. The Monastery of Hirana allows you to use your cards, and then recall them to use later. Because you are going to be targeting a lot of units, Ezreal is used as an additional win condition. When leveled, your recall card will do one damage every turn, and when you target your opponent with Concusive PalmBADCARDNAME, you'll do an additional 2 damage. Additionally, in the late game, Yone, Windchaser, and Minah Swiftfoot can be reused. 

Get Excited! and Mystic Shot are great tools for burn and until removal. 

Eye of the Dragon for stall and health gain. 

Retreat makes up for when you don't have the landmark or need to chump block. Additionally, you have many discard cards for Rummage

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  • YandereAmpharos's Avatar 30 2 Posts Joined 12/14/2020
    Posted 4 months ago

    Hello everyone. Give this deck a shot, I won 7 straight games with it, only losing to Go Hard. (Which clapped me pretty badly, but I did have really bad draws) I know a lot of people may think this region combination is weird, but trust me, I was beating meta decks with it. Monastery of Hirana provided so much value since I always had card advantage, the card it produces was discard fodder when I needed it most, and so forth. I am thinking about replacing Chump Whump with Ballistic Bot, but maybe not. 

    Whenever I played Yasuo decks, Yone was such an awkward card because your opponent always played around it, so a lot of the time I just used it in less than optimal situations, not getting the full potential out of it. It is especially bad when Yasuo is not on the board, but Hirana existing makes me not care anymore since I can recall it whenever. Stunning your opponent's cards when Yasuo isn't on the board doesn't feel as bad anymore. 

    • DoubleSummon's Avatar Ancestral Recall 1580 2220 Posts Joined 03/25/2019
      Posted 4 months ago
      Quote From YandereAmpharos

      I am thinking about replacing Chump Whump with Ballistic Bot, but maybe not. 

      Seems like a good idea Balistic Bot is just a really good card they have the same hp value, balistic bot can get more created cards and the pings are probably more useful.. except for ezreal purposes.

      Glad to see you are making good use of the landmark need to test it if I get it..

      Since this deck is combo dependent of sort and spell heavy maybe think of running deep meditation too? this deck should easily trigger it.



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