Burn Pilt/Zaun + Noxus

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  • Archetype Aggro
  • Deck Type Ranked
  • Crafting Cost 6000
  • Your Cost 6000
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General info:

Burn Aggro is exactly what the name implies: play units, hit face, then burn them down with spells. This deck either wins decisively or loses quickly so pick it up if you want fast and aggressive games.

How to play:

Burn Aggro relies on strong early game starts so that you can rely on top decking burn to close out the game.

Make sure to mulligan hard for 1 drops so that you can pressure slower decks that like to float mana the first two turns but Boomcrew Rookie is a card you can almost always keep in your opening hand.

Usually, you’ll want to save your axes as Get Excited! or Rummage targets so you can hit more burn rather than an extra 1 damage. Used Cask Salesman is a card better utilized on defending turns to provide you additional chump blockers to win damage races.

Also, if you’re trying to use Noxian Fervor, make sure to wait for your opponent to be tapped out of removal, or for your unit to already be targeted by removal before going for it.

It’s important to be patient with Noxian Fervor unless forced to because you don’t have a lot of value or card draw so every point of burn counts.


Source: https://mobalytics.gg/blog/best-legends-of-runeterra-decks/

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    Nice deck


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