Cosmic Creation Card Spoilers & Expansion Guide

This expansion of cards is a part of the Call of the Mountain set.

Cosmic Creation is the fourth Legends of Runeterra Expansion. It releases December 16, 2020.

  • The set contains 3 new Champions.
  • In total, 40 new cards are being added to the game.

New Features

  • More Landmarks - now all regions have at least one!
  • Two new keywords have been added to the game - Augment and Reforge.
    • Augment - When you play a created card, grant me +1|+0.
    • Reforge - Create a random blade fragment still needed to restore the blade. Once you've cast all 3, create Blade of the Exile.

Revealed Cards for Cosmic Creation






Piltover & Zaun

Shadow Isles



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