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A high-speed, high-variety fiesta of deeply discounted cards and fast thinking!

Something's gone very wrong with the Temporal Transducer, and the Lab looks… a little different.

This mode's even quicker than Quick Draw. Each round you get a new hand of heavily discounted cards, and 4 mana to spend on them! Think fast, choose carefully, and ask yourself: What would Urf do?


  • This game mode is very similar to the Quick Draw lab with subtle differences
  • Your mana will start with 4 mana crystals and full spell mana; you crystal count won't increment like in normal matches
  • You hand will be randomly-generated fleeting cards
    • You'll start the game with a mulligan of 4 cards, 2 additional cards drawn after the mulligan, and 1 copy of Prolong
    • When the round ends, you'll discard any unplayed fleeting cards (i.e., most of your hand) and draw 6 new cards
    • Prolong is a 0-mana burst speed spell which will remove Fleeting from a single card. You start the game with one copy and receive an additional copy at the start of every odd-numbered round.
  • The card costs work as follows:
    • Cards that would normally cost 0-2 mana cost 0
    • Cards that would normally cost 3-4 mana cost 1
    • Cards that would normally cost 5-7 mana cost 2
    • Cards that would normally cost 8-15 mana cost 3
  • Creating a exact copy of any card will reduce its cost again.
  • Anything that is based around a card's mana cost like Concurrent Timelines and Ethereal Remitter will use the reduced cost and should be avoided


This is a very RNG-centric lab geared towards winning quick or losing quick. Some games will simply be "low rolled" and unsalvageable. Here are a few secrets to helping you win the more competitive matches, though:

  1. Try to float spell mana when you can. Many games are decided by one player "popping off" when their able to use their spell mana to play a powerful series of cards in a single round
  2. Be very selective in how you use your Prolongs -- if none of your current options are great, don't be afraid to save it for a future round. Some good targets include:
  3. Warmother's Call and Feel The Rush are extremely powerful in this game mode and almost always worth playing

When We've Seen Ultra Rapid Draw

Started Ended
Wednesday, March 31, 2021 Wednesday, April 14, 2021


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