Wizards' own Gavin Verhey has given us some teasers on the upcoming Commander series coming during Ikoria! Although not strictly Arena, we know many Arena players also enjoy Commander in the tabletop format and you never know what will end up on Arena thanks to Brawl.

These are the teasers we know about for the Commander product coming with Ikoria. This only teases new cards.

  • Mono-white card that lets you ramp Plains from your Library onto the field.
  • "You and planeswalkers you control gain protection from that player"
  • A fourth trilobite, not counting changelings.
  • An ability on a permanent that begins "You may pay 0 rather than..."
  • 41 instances of "counter" and/or "counters" within text boxes including reminder text.
  • Goat Hydra, Cat Nightmare, Badger Dinosaur, Whale Wolf, and Dinosaur Cat Token are creature types you can expect to see.
  • There is a legendary character with the first five letters spelling "Gavin".
  • A Hound that generates fetch counters. Play fetch with a dog!
  • "Whenever you cast a spell with X in its mana cost..."
  • A cycle of cards that is a reimagining of an old, popular, multiplayer cycle.
  • A creature that generates mana only usable to activate abilities.
  • 8 non-evergreen mechanics are returning - not limited to Ikoria.
  • A single legendary card that brings back and uses experience counters (not one of the 8 non-evergreen mechanics)

We'll be getting more Ikoria teasers tomorrow, "a little bit different", so stay tuned.