We've seen spoilers from multiple sources on new Secret Lair Drop Series that will be available soon. Daily MTG finally announced this as the Secret Lair: Summer Superdrop. Make sure you place your orders ASAP at the Secret Lair website, because once they are gone, they won't be coming back!


  • June 1: Full Sleeves - The Tattoo Pack
  • June 2: Can You Feel With A Heart Of Steel?
  • June 3: The Path Not Traveled
  • June 4: Mountain, Go
  • June 5: Ornithological Studies

First up we've got some awesome tattoo-inspired artwork in a Secret Lair Drop called "Full Sleeves" revealed by Bleeding Cool. This also includes a Pithing Needle sleeve redemption code for MTG Arena.



Kyle Hill revealed some cool robot-themed versions of classic Artifact Creatures with "Can You Feel With A Heart of Steel".


Next, we get to see some cool cosplay inspired cards featured in a series called "The Path Not Traveled" as revealed by various sources.


Now for a blast from the past, Martin Juza revealed some electrifying renditions of the classic, staple red removal, Lightning Bolt.


Nissa Cosplay revealed images for a bird-themed Secret Lair, featuring some of the most memorable fowl found across the various planes in MTG.



Lastly, you can order all of the cards in the Superdrop Bundle!