We've got all the new sets coming in 2021 for Magic the Gathering named thanks to today's Zendikar Rising stream!

Kaldheim (Q1 2021)

Magic's Viking world is coming!


Strixhaven - School of Mages (Q2 2021)

Strixhaven is the premier university of the multiverse, featuring five colleges battling it out with their own takes on magic.

Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (Q3 2021)

The Dungeons & Dragons universe is joining the Magic multiverse in a new set that is Standard-legal!

This replaces the Core set release for the year.

Innistrad Werewolves & Vampires (Q4 2021)

We're going back to Innistrad and with it, we're getting two full sets! The two sets we're getting are Innistrad Werewolves and Innistrad Vampires and we'll be seeing the heavy influence of both of those types within their own sets.

These are not the final names for the sets.

Time Spiral Remastered - Paper Only

A new remastered set is coming featuring the Time Spiral block from 2006 - 2007.

  • This is a paper-only release and will not be coming to MTG Arena.
  • This product is not going to be Standard-legal.
  • One card in each booster pack will feature old borders and they can be foil.

Modern Horizons 2 - Paper Only

A huge success last year, Modern Horizons is returning with its second iteration towards the end of 2021.

  • We will not see Modern Horizons 2 on MTG Arena as it is a paper-only release.
  • This product is not going to be Standard-legal.
  • The enemy-colored fetch lands are back in Draft Boosters of this set as rares.