We've got some new intel on what is to come in the next couple of Magic the Gathering sets and the fate of Modal Dual-Faced Cards (Modal DFCs).

In Mashable's reveal of the Shatterskull Modal DFC, they got a chance to talk with Mark Rosewater via email and it was announced that we'd see Modal DFCs return in two sets of 2021 - Kaldheim and Strixhaven. Looking at the roadmap that was announced during the Zendikar Rising preview stream, that means we're getting Modal DFCs in the first two Stanard sets of next year, or three sets in a row of Modal DFCs!

Quote From Mark Rosewater

Zendikar Rising has MDFCs that are also a creature, another land, an instant, or a sorcery, Further card type combinations will be revealed in the next two premier sets, Kaldheim and Strixhaven, which will include modular double-faced cards as well.

Rosewater went on to mention that the design of Modal DFCs comes from 2011 and the Innistrad set but they were waiting for the right time to use them. Holding onto this design for over 9 years now must have been tough but very rewarding now that we're getting to play with them in just a couple of weeks.

Quote From Mark Rosewater

We designed modal double-faced cards way back in [2011's] original Innistrad when we first created the transforming double-faced cards and I've been waiting for the right place to finally make use of them,” said Rosewater. “I'm really excited that MDFCs finally have their day and I can't wait to see the players' reactions to it.

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