Magic the Gathering Arena has been nominated for the Golden Joystick Awards this year under the "Best Game Community" category and because of that, Wizards has pushed out a promotional code.

Once entered into MTG Arena, the code redeems for 1000 XP and 2 random cosmetics. Hurry though, because you only have until October 26 to activate the code on your account. Whether or not you agree with the nomination, here's the code you can activate for some free stuff:


It looks like you can get some of the Secret Lair sleeves as your cosmetics, along with plenty of various alternate and upgraded arts.

If you want to see all the nominations for this year's Golden Joystick Awards, you can find the list of nominees over on GamesRadar and if you want to vote, you can do that too.

Quote From @MTG_Arena

We're honored to be nominated for Best Game Community at this year's #GoldenJoystickAwards!

Since launch, our goal has always been to grow Magic into something all players can discover and play. Whether you've been playing for a few days or a few decades, you have our thanks!

And as a sign of our gratitude, use the code “GOLDENCOMMUNITY” to receive 1000 XP and 2 random cosmetics. (Code ends Oct 26th.)

You can also view all the Golden Joystick nominees and vote right here.