We got quite a few spoilers yesterday for the upcoming MTG set, Theros: Beyond Death. These cards are going to be a little different in how you acquire them. For paper MTG these cards will only be available in "Theme" Boosters and it is unknown how they will appear in MTG Arena. With all the different boosters available for MTG it's sometimes hard to understand the differences. I'll try to explain it below.

(the pack descriptions below apply to paper MTG)
Draft Booster: This is a 15-card pack with typical distribution.
Theme Booster: This is a 30-card pack for a specific color and will contain unique rares (like the spoilers shown below).
Collector Booster: This is a more expensive 15-card pack that contains foil and special or alternate art cards.

Since MTG Arena does not have Theme Boosters like paper MTG, it's very likely there will be other ways to acquire these cards (Wildcards, MTGA Store, or special events).






Are there any of these cards you're determined to collect or do you think they're mostly worthless for standard? Share your thoughts below!