Wizards has done it again! You can unlock three free packs for the new set easily. How do you get them you ask? Two simple steps!

  • Visit the in-game store.
  • In the redeem code field, type in "PlayTheros".

Completing the steps above will get you 3 free packs for the new set, Theros: Beyond Death! What did you open in your packs?

New to Magic Arena? Get More Free Packs!

If you're new to Magic Arena, there are other card pack codes you'll want to enter into the in-game store.

  • PlayAllegiance - 3 Ravnica Allegiance Packs
  • PlayRavnica - 3 Guild of Ravnica Packs
  • PlayWarSpark - 3 War of the Spark Packs
  • OneBillion - 1 War of the Spark Pack
  • PLAYM20 - 3 Core Set 2020 Packs
  • PlayEldraine - 3 Throne of Eldraine Packs
  • PlayTheros - 3 Theros: Beyond Death Packs