Wizard's Magic the Gathering has introduced Find Your Champion, a way for the Magic community to rally behind a competitor in the upcoming World Championship XXVI and earn in-game rewards.

Everyone who participates in Find Your Champion will receive at the minimum a special MTG Arena Sleeve and 1 Rare Card.

  • If your champion comes in 3rd to 8th place, you'll get 2 Rare Cards instead.
  • Did you champion come in 2nd? Enjoy 4 rare cards!
  • Were you able to pick the champion? You get 6 rare cards AND a trophy pet.

You can learn more about who is competing and choose your own champion on the Magic.gg Events Page. The Magic World Championship XXVI takes place in Honolulu, Hawaii from February 14 - February 16 and has a million dollars up for grabs.

Good luck! Tell us who you picked as your champion and why in the comments below.