Since 1994 the Magic World Championship has been an annual event and pinnacle of MTG skill and talent. Today marks the start of the 26th such event and it will bring together 16 of the top players in the world to battle in Honolulu for a $1,000,000 prize pool! It all starts at 11:00am PT today (2/14) and ends on Sunday (2/16) after the top 4 matches conclude. You can watch all the coverage live at


The structure for this event is broken up over several days and will combine drafting and constructed formats.

  • Day 1 (Friday): 16 players - Theros Beyond Death Booster Draft, followed by Standard Constructed (best of three)
  • Day 2 (Saturday): 12 players - Standard Constructed
  • Day 3 (Sunday): 4 players - Standard Constructed

Prize Structure

There is a lot of money at stake and they are offering the largest cash prize in their history so far, with a $300,000 chunk of change.

5th - 6th$62,500
7th - 8th$50,000
9th - 12th$25,000
13th - 16th$12,500

How Did They Qualify?

This year there were opportunities to make it to the World Championship through traditional paper tournaments or online through MTG Arena. Making it this far is a huge accomplishment after fighting their way through such a competitive field.


We've got a diverse lineup with players participating from all around the world. If you visited the Wizards website before 2/12 you could choose your champion for a chance to earn additional rewards through MTG Arena.


Here's the meta breakdown we're looking at for the tournament and you can find complete decklists for each player on the World Championship website.

Who do you hope to see take home the Championship trophy? Do you have a favorite constructed deck from the players or do you think there's another archetype that got missed? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!