Knull and Void.

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I just pulled Knull from chest tonight, so I added to my existing Destroy Deck. I also just got Zola the other days, so despite not having Death yet, I had been able to build a good Deck. 

I just took out The Hood for Knull for now. I think this will work great though as the idea of the Deck is to make a big Deadpool, and or make a big Venom. Then either copy with Taskmaster or split with Zola. I usually copy DP with TM on turn 6, or I split a big Venom with Zola if the Venom turned out bigger. 

Now I have a 3rd option too, drop Knull and see how big it got. I should be able to make ma big Deadpool, Venom and a massive Knull as well. I would still like to keep Zola for now though, as it doesn't obstruct the Deck having both 6's in there I don't think, and having options is always a good thing. 

I've not played the Deck since I got Knull, I've been too hyped up about it. I decided to come and post my Deck idea somewhere right away, then will go and test it shortly. 

Will let you guys know how it goes anyway. 

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